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During renovation of streets In Liepaja, raised guidelines are deposited into the sidewalks in order to aid visually impaired people with getting around.

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Ganību street 197/205 Liepaja,
LV – 3407

+371 63431535,
+371 22007874

+371 63407115


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08.06.2015 Author: LNB

Skats uz Dvēseles veldzes dārza māju Opening of the "Soul Relieve Garden" house on June 5 2015-06-05  Press articles:  Sociālo rehabilitāciju paceļ jaunā līmenī Kursas Laiks, Liene Gintere,...

30.01.2015 Author: LNB

Invites to donate for "Soul Relieve Garden" TV Kurzeme - 30-01-2015 To complete the social rehabilitation center - "Soul Relieve garden" residential home construction and improvement is still needed 25 to 30 thousand euros. Social and cognitive rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in Pāvilosta county Ziemupe developes mostly by donators funds. Therefore, Liepa...

28.01.2015 Author: LNB

A Network of Eyes Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat.  Download now and start helping blind people see.  More info: www.bemyeyes.org  Be My Eyes - helping blind ...

21.11.2014 Author: LNB

Rokdarbu izstāde Liepājas domes foaje Exhibition of handicrafts made by persons with disabilities 1.-5. December EEA project "Be active and get involved!" Nr.2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/020 As an act of International Day of Persons with Disability celebration, Liepaja Society of Blind in cooperation with Liepaja city council and other non governmental organisations, organizes an excibition of crafts made by disabled persons...

16.10.2014 Author: LNB

Celebration of the International White Cane Day in Liepaja 16.10.2014 www.liepajniekiem.lv     http://www.liepajniekiem.lv/tv-kurzeme/sizeti/atzime-starptautisko-balta-spieka-dienu-152553 ...

07.07.2014 Author: LNB

Trīs biedrību vadītāji Māris Ceirulis, Daina Vitkauskiene, Darius Vaitkevičiumi Klaipeda Association of Blind visiting Liepaja 2014-06-26 A visit to Liepaja June 26 it was a day when Lithuanian Association of Blind and Visually Impaired people from Klaipeda went to visit Liepaja and their blind association. It was curious to see how our partners are improving in new activities.   Maris Ceirulis met us and kindly invited for café. Later on we had a tour in th...

19.05.2014 Author: LNB

Izstāde EEA project "Be active and get involved!" Nr.2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/020   Welcome to the handicraft exhibition in Liepaja Society for the Blind!   On the 19th of May in the Society of Blind, Ganību street 197/205, in a hall (on the second floor), there has been a beautiful exhibition opened.   There are many interesting and some admirable handicrafts to view; th...

11.04.2014 Author: LNB

Amiras Ismailas viesošanās Liepājas NB 2014-04-09 U.S. Embassy human rights specialist Amirah Ismail visits Liepāja Society of the Blind  2014-04-09  Press article:  http://www.liepajniekiem.lv/zinas/sabiedriba/asv-vestniecibas-cilvektiesibu-specialiste-iepazist-liepajas-nevalsti...

28.03.2014 Author: LNB

Labklājības ministrs Uldis Augulis viesojas biedrībā Welfare Minister Uldis Augulis visiting Liepāja Society of the Blind 28-03-2014  On March 28, Minister for Welfare Uldis Augulis visited Liepāja Society of the Blind. 

17.01.2014 Author: LNB

Video: "Sense the Liepaja" Sajūti Liepāju from VFS FILMS on Vimeo. 2013 Liepaja got the EDEN award as one of the most accessible cities in Europe for people with disabilities http://vimeo.com/81803196 Alice as a tourist meets&n...

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