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During renovation of streets In Liepaja, raised guidelines are deposited into the sidewalks in order to aid visually impaired people with getting around.

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Ganību street 197/205 Liepaja,
LV – 3407

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06.11.2009 Author: LNB

In cooperation with the Liepaja City Council and Liepaja Social Services we provide alternative social rehabilitation services for people with visual and other impairments – computer training for visually impaired and blind persons, as well as other people with disabilities, wicker weaving and hurling skills training, organizing sport games and involve in physical rehabilitation activities. The aim of these and other activities are reduce disability caused dependence on people around and provide those events, which helps to compensate loss of vision and restore social functioning to people with severe visual impairments.
In organization for people with disabilities currently happens:
computer training for visually impaired and blind people, by using specialized technologies: Braille row, program JAWS and ZoomText, screen loupes;
typhlotechniques (recorders, loupes, “speaking” watches, white canes, special needles for the blind etc.) user training;
hurling and wicker hobby group lessons;
floristry hobby group lessons;
depth Braille learning;
learning how to navigate in indoors or in environment with/without white canes;
sports activities and physical rehabilitation;
learning housekeeping and self-care skills;
consultations in solving persons social problems;
educational activities – seminars, tours, communication and support groups;
copying and fax transmission;
sewing services, adjusting or correcting clothing.
All of services are free of charge.

Rita Alksne learning computer use, using a Braille row
Aivars Lībergs is learning Braille 

Rita Alksne apgūst datora lietošanu, izmantojot Braila rindu

Rita Alksne apgūst datora lietošanu, izmantojot Braila rindu

Aivars Lībergs mācās Braila rakstu

Aivars Lībergs mācās Braila rakstu


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